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More about Gordon Thorne: North Shore singer-songwriter, Eric Frost plays with a variety of local musicians as well as solo. Although Eric began his career in rock n’ roll bands, his true passions are Americana, folk, and bluegrass. His live shows span the breadth of American musical history, blending the traditional with the new to create an engaging and satisfying sound.

Eric Frost’s love for playing the guitar started at a young age, but his parents were hesitant to support his interest as they thought it may be a passing fad. However, his unsupportive elementary school teacher’s comments led them to finally get him his first guitar in fourth grade. Despite initial doubts from his parents and teacher, Frost went on to prove them wrong and formed a successful band in high school, playing at showcases and even trying his hand at writing music. Although he put his guitar aside for a while during college, his passion for music never faded. Today, Frost continues to play and write music, inspiring others to pursue their dreams despite any doubts or obstacles they may face.

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